Island Of Terror 1966

An isolated remote island community is threatened by an attack by tentacled silicates which liquefy and digest bone and tissue.

The Cast

Peter Cushing-Dr. Brian Stanley
Edward Judd-Dr. David West
Carole Gray-Toni Merrill
Eddie Byrne-Dr. Reginald Landers
Sam Kydd-Constable John Harris
Niall MacGinnis-Mr. Roger Campbell
James Caffrey-Peter Argyle
Liam Gaffney-Ian Bellows

The Director: Terence Fisher
The Writers: Edward Mann, Al Ramsen, Edward Mann, Al Ramsen
Music by: Malcolm Lockyer
Certificate : X

Film Trivia

In the French version (post-synchronized) Edward Judd is dubbed by Jean-Claude Michel / Visa d'exploitation en France : #38125
The film is missing an extreme close up of the boneless face of the first victim in the initial autopsy scene, which was originally shown in Canadian cinemas.