Invasion of the Hell Creatures 1957

A teenage couple accidentally awakens an alien after hitting it with their car.

The Cast

Steven Terrell-Johnny Carter
Gloria Castillo-Joan Hayden
Frank Gorshin-Joe Gruen
Raymond Hatton-Farmer Larkin
Lyn Osborn-Artie Burns
Russ Bender-Doctor
Douglas Henderson-Lt. Wilkins, USAF
Sam Buffington-Col. Ambrose - USAF

The Director: Edward L. Cahn
The Writers: Robert J. Gurney Jr., Al Martin, Paul W. Fairman
Music by: Ronald Stein
Certificate : X

Film Trivia

The flying saucer built by Paul Blaisdell was also used in the opening scene of The Outer Limits: Controlled Experiment (1964).
The recurring alien character Morbo in Futurama (1999) was modelled on the aliens in the film.
American-International Pictures released this on a double bill with I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957) with the tag line "We DARE You To See The Most Amazing Pictures of Our Time!"
The Eye Creatures (1965) uses the exact same plot and much of the same dialog from this film.
The pistol used by Artie Burns is a Walther P38.