I Origins 2014

A molecular biologist and his laboratory partner uncover evidence that may fundamentally change society as we know it.

The Cast

Michael Pitt-Ian
Steven Yeun-Kenny
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey-Sofi
Brit Marling-Karen
Dorien Makhloghi-7-Eleven Attendant
Charles Woods Gray-Marriage Clerk
John Schiumo-TV Anchor
Farasha Baylock-Posh Waitress

The Director: Mike Cahill
The Writers: Mike Cahill
Music by: Will Bates,Phil Mossman
Certificate : 15

Film Trivia

For a brief moment in the opening credits only the letters I and O are shown in the movie title. This gives "IOII". In binary the number 1011 translates as eleven which is an important number throughout the film.
The famous National Geographic cover of the Afghan girl whose eyes mesmerized the world and who was found years later makes a cameo in the film.
Resurrection is a big theme throughout the movie, as Ian doesn't believe in it and Sofi does. The eye necklace Sofi wears is the eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol for healing and resurrection.
The date Salomina's eyes were scanned into the system at the community center was on 11-3-2013 which sums up to 11.
Before Tobias is born, there's a scene where pregnant Karen is in his soon-to-be room talking to him, on the wall there are 4 elemental symbols: T, O, Bi and As (which adds to Tobias). T is known as Tritium or Hydrogen-3, O is known as Oxygen and his atomic number is 8 (8+3=11), Bi is Bismuth and his atomic number is 83, As is Arsenic and his atomic number is 33.
At the scene that starts in seven eleven and afterwards in the bus, 11s are shown everywhere and the scene ends with two eyes. This could be a reference to 11 as well since the word "eye" is pronounced as the word "I", and II can be read as 11.
The book Ian is reading in the cafeteria is called The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins.
In the scene where Ian and Karen are eating the Chinese food, Ian is wearing a T-shirt of the Pink Floyd live album, Pulse, that has a giant eyeball in the center of it.
The huge billboard for rent on the Okhla market has a 737634548 phone number on it, which adds up to 47, and 4+7, again, leads to 11. This is the billboard Ian eventually rents.
Brit Marling and William Mapother also acted in Director Mike Cahill's movie "Another Earth".
The song that plays in the final scene is from Radiohead's album "Kid A".
Film running time (Netflix version) is 1 hour 46 minutes long, which adds up to 11, continuing the theme of '11's throughout.
They named their child "Tobias", or "to bias". "Bias" as a verb means "causing to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something".
Ian is shown wearing different eyeglasses as the movie progresses, another example of symbolism relating to the eye, sight, windows to the soul, etc.
Sofi's eyes belong to Astrid Berges-Frisbey, and they were digitally added to Salomina's character, who has in fact black eyes in real life.
In the ending Salomina completed a test and scored 44%. The test involved 25 questions from A-Y. 44% of 25 is 11. In the beginning of the film, 11 is the number that brought Ian and Sofi together.
In the late closing credits, many world and historical people's irises are scanned into the database (e.g., JFK, Hitler, MLK, Mandela), many of whom show up as having identical irises to persons living all over the world. The implication is that the Afterlife is often Earthly rebirth, thus paralleling Hindu (and other) religious beliefs (lampooned by Kierkegaard).
Ian shares the same name with Prof. Ian Stevenson (1918-2007) best known for his scientific research on reincarnation.
Salomina's score of 44% is 11% above the average score of 33% which is yet another occurrence of "11" in the story.
When they do the test in India to see if it is Sofia, the test result is 44%, and they say it is 'random plus a reasonable variation' but it is 33% + 11%...another 11 moment
In one scene, Ian tells Sofie that he started seeing 11s everwhere which then led him to her (the eyes via the billboard which allowed him to google and find her again). She said "I know, I sent them (meaning the 11s) to you.
Astrid Berges-Frisbey's character (Sofi) lost both legs in an elevator accident. In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger's Tide (2011), she played a mermaid.