Ghost Chase 1987

In an old Hollywood mansion, the spirit of an old family retainer inhabits an old grandfather clock. When a movie company uses the mansion for a film, the spirit inhabits the body of an alien and persuades the two filmmakers to track down an old house that will resolve a family scandal.

The Cast

Jason Lively-Warren McCloud
Tim McDaniel-Fred
Jill Whitlow-Laurie Sanders
Leonard Lansink-Karl
Paul Gleason-Stan Gordon
Ian MacNaughton-Frederick McCloud
Chuck Mitchell-Mr. Rosenbaum
Julian Curry-Lawyer

The Director: Roland Emmerich
The Writers: Roland Emmerich, Thomas Kubisch, Roland Emmerich, Oliver Eberle, Arne Elsholtz
Music by: Hubert Bartholomae
Certificate : PG

Film Trivia

One of director Roland Emmerich's (Independence Day) first films.