From Hell It Came 1957

A wrongfully accused South Seas prince is executed, and returns as a walking tree stump.

The Cast

Tod Andrews-Dr. William Arnold
Tina Carver-Dr. Terry Mason
Linda Watkins-Mrs. Mae Kilgore
John McNamara-Prof. Clark
Gregg Palmer-Kimo
Robert Swan-Tano
Baynes Barron-Chief Maranka
Suzanne Ridgway-Korey

The Director: Dan Milner
The Writers: Richard Bernstein, Richard Bernstein, Jack Milner
Music by: Darrell Calker
Certificate : X

Film Trivia

Professional wrestler turned stuntman/actor Chester Hayes played Prince Maku. It is also Hayes who is inside the Tabanga costume.
Inspired one of the most infamous movie reviews of all time: "And to hell it can go!"
The movie poster shows red blood dripping from the spot on Tabanga where the knife is lodged in his heart. However, in the movie itself, the monster's blood is described as being green.
Actually, that critique was, "Send it back."
This was the second, and last, feature film to be produced by the Milner Brothers.
Opening title credits claim "Introducing Linda Watkins" ignoring or overlooking the fact that the 49 year old actress had appeared in featured roles in at least a half dozen other films between 1931-1933, a quarter century earlier.
The iconic Tabonga monster was designed by Paul Blaisdell (also known for his work on The She-Creature, Invasion of the Saucer Men, Not of This Earth and It! The Terror from Beyond Space) but was manufactured by Don Post Studios.
In 1957, Allied Artists released this on a double bill packaged with The Disembodied (1957) on the lower half of the program.
The "Monster" doesn't walk until 46 minutes into the film. It doesn't scare anyone until the 51 minute mark and kills its first victim a minute later.
The periodic table in the lab is dated 1947 and only shows 96 elements.
Through its Warner Archive Collection, Warner Home Video released the film on DVD on November 11, 2009, and on Blu-ray on April 25, 2017.