Flash Gordon - Mars Attacks the World 1938

When a deadly Nitron ray strikes Earth, Flash Gordon and his friends travel to Mars to battle Ming the Merciless and his new ally Queen Azura.

The Cast

Buster Crabbe-Flash Gordon
Jean Rogers-Dale Arden
Charles Middleton-Ming the Merciless
Frank Shannon-Dr. Alexis Zarkov
Donald Kerr-'Happy' Hapgood
Richard Alexander-Prince Barin
Beatrice Roberts-Azura, Queen of Mars
Wheeler Oakman-Tarnak

The Director: Ford Beebe
The Writers: Ray Trampe, Norman S. Hall, Wyndham Gittens, Herbert Dalmas, Alex Raymond

Film Trivia

Feature version of the 1938 serial titled Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars.
Rushed into theaters to cash in on the hype created by Orson Wells' Halloween radio broadcast of War of the Worlds.
Reissued in early 1950 on a double bill with Rocket Ship (1936).