Empire Of The Ants 1977

A con artist tries to sell bogus real estate deals in an area overrun by giant ants.

The Cast

Joan Collins-Marilyn Fryser
Robert Lansing-Dan Stokely
John David Carson-Joe Morrison
Albert Salmi-Sheriff Art Kincade
Jacqueline Scott-Margaret Ellis
Pamela Susan Shoop-Coreen Bradford
Robert Pine-Larry Graham
Edward Power-Charlie Pearson

The Director: Bert I. Gordon
The Writers: H.G. Wells, Jack Turley, Bert I. Gordon
Music by: Dana Kaproff
Certificate : A

Film Trivia

Director Bert I. Gordon created some of the special ant-effects by shooting magnified images of the Panamanian bullet ant.
As a promotional gimmick for the film theaters would display ant farms in their lobbies - though they weren't allowed near the concession counters.
Joan Collins disliked working with the ant props, claiming they bumped into and scratched the actors, including herself.
The name of the the rental car agency owner is painted on the window as "J. Foote" - James E. Foote worked on this movie as transportation captain.
This was the third Bert I. Gordon movie to claim to be based on the works of H. G. Wells. In actuality all films have little-to-no relation to their source material. Empire of the Ants was also the eighth Gordon movie to deal with the subject of giant monsters!