Donovan's Brain 1953

Yet another version of Curt Siodmak's novel about an honest scientist who keeps the brain of a ruthless dead millionaire (Donovan) alive in a tank. Donovan manages to impose his powerful will on the scientist, and uses him to murder his enemies.

The Cast

Lew Ayres-Dr. Patrick J. Cory
Gene Evans-Dr. Frank Schratt
Nancy Reagan-Janice Cory
Steve Brodie-Herbie Yocum
Tom Powers-Donovan's Washington Advisor
Lisa Howard-Chloe Donovan
James Anderson-Chief Tuttle
Victor Sutherland-Nathaniel Fuller

The Director: Felix E. Feist
The Writers: Curt Siodmak, Hugh Brooke, Felix E. Feist
Music by: Eddie Dunstedter
Certificate : PG

Film Trivia

Female lead Nancy Davis was, of course, Mrs. Ronald Reagan.
At one point in the movie, Gene Evans (shades of Dr. McCoy from Star Trek) barks, "I'm a doctor, not an electrician."
Dr. Cory, under the control of the brain, makes out a list showing several false identities under which Donovan has hidden money around the country. The first four names on the list are actual names of crew members: production supervisor H.B. Chapman, production designer Boris Leven, assistant director Jack R. Berne (on list as "Jack Byrne") and set decorator Edward Boyle. The fifth name, Fred Russell, is that of a popular sports writer of the early 1950s.
Orson Welles played the part of Dr. Corey in "Donovan's Brain" on the only two-part broadcast ever produced on radio's "Suspense", 18 May and 25 May 1944.
The sign on the door of the attorney's office includes a "B. Chapman, CPA." Ben Chapman was the film's production supervisor.
Writer Curt Siodmak was also set to direct, but at the last minute he was replaced by Felix E. Feist.