Creature 1985

An expedition to Titan uncovers an alien being, that goes on a rampage.

The Cast

Stan Ivar-Mike Davison
Wendy Schaal-Beth Sladen
Lyman Ward-David Perkins
Robert Jaffe-Jon Fennel
Diane Salinger-Melanie Bryce
Annette McCarthy-Dr. Wendy H. Oliver
Marie Laurin-Susan Delambre
Klaus Kinski-Hans Rudy Hofner

The Director: William Malone
The Writers: William Malone, Alan Reed
Music by: Thomas Chase,Steve Rucker
Certificate : 18

Film Trivia

The special effects crew that worked here was the same that worked on Aliens (1986) a year later.
The movie was titled "The Titan Find" in other parts of the world.
In March 2013, director William Malone independently re-released the movie on DVD under its initial title of 'Titan Find', fully uncut and in widescreen for the first time.
Klaus Kinski's character is named Hans Rudy Hofner in tribute to H.R. Giger.
Sometime after the film's release, the film fell into the public domain, and has since received numerous VHS and DVD releases.
The doors have the same sound as laser shots in Star Wars.
"There is one scene in Creature (1985) (1985) when Diane Salinger's character (Melanie Bryce) is groped by Hans Rudy Hofner (played by Klaus Kinski). It was not in the script, but an invention of Kinski's."