Battle beyond the Sun 1960

Two countries race to have the first successful landing on Mars.

The Cast

Ivan Pereverzev-Yevgeny Petrovich Kornev
Aleksandr Shvorin-Andrei Gordienko (Craig Matthews - US)
Linda Barrett-(U.S. version)

The Director: Mikhail Karzhukov
The Writers: Mikhail Karzhukov, Evgeniy Pomeshchikov, Aleksey Sazonov
Music by: Carmine Coppola ,Yuli Meitus

Film Trivia

Roger Corman bought the US rights to this film, re-edited it and released it as "Battle Beyond the Sun".
The credit on the U.S. version of the film, "Battle Beyond the Sun", was given to 'Thomas Colchart', a pseudonym for then aspiring filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. Roger Corman gave him the task of creating two monsters resembling genitalia (one male, one female) which were amusingly spliced into the film.
In 1962, Roger Corman and the young Francis Ford Coppola produced an English-language re-edit of the film for U.S. release, entitled Battle Beyond the Sun. They removed the US/Soviet conflict, blotted out all the Russian writing, replaced scenes showing models and paintings of Soviet spacecraft with scenes showing NASA ones, replaced the names of all the actors with the names of the people who did the overdubbing, and inserted scenes with monsters. In all, the edit is 13 minutes shorter than the original.[3] The film was distributed by American International Pictures.
Some space scenes from Nebo Zovyot also appear in Corman's 1965 film Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet.
Stanley Kubrik's 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey used drawings and graphics solutions from Nebo Zovyot (the original Russian film Roger Corman re-edited to become Battle Beyond the Stars), created by the fiction artist Yuri Shvets.