Attack of the Eye Creatures 1965

Alien "eye" creatures invade a small town.

The Cast

John Ashley-Stan Kenyon
Cynthia Hull-Susan Rogers
Warren Hammack-Lt. Robertson
Chet Davis-Mike Lawrence
Bill Peck-Carl Fenton
Ethan Allen-General
Charles McLine-Old Man Bailey
Nathan Wyle-Col. Harrison

The Director: Larry Buchanan
The Writers: Paul W. Fairman, Robert J. Gurney Jr., Al Martin

Film Trivia

Originally titled "The Eye Creatures", the studio decided to rename the film "Attack of the Eye Creatures". However, when the title card was re-done to add "Attack of the" and then re-shot to edit it into the film, it was discovered that the word "the" had been repeated twice, and the title of the film now read "Attack of the The Eye Creatures".
Apart from the usual stock themes, director Larry Buchanan borrowed from The Hypnotic Eye (1960) an early scene in a bar featuring the same tune Yvette Vickers danced to in 1958's Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958).
The same "Eye Creature" costume later turned up in the 1966 AIP release The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966).
Along with his other low-budget tricks, director Larry Buchanan also borrowed both background scoring and the musical theme from the song "Treat Him Nicely", direct from AIP's Beach Party (1963), peppering them throughout his film.
Part of a series of color remakes of old AIP films by Larry Buchanan intended for television broadcast.
This was one of a group of films shot in 16mm and color and used to pad out one of American-International's television syndication packages.
A pair of shots depicting a spaceship landing were taken from Invaders from Mars (1953).
This title was filmed in and around Dallas Tx in 1965. At the 43:14 mark in the film, you see the O'Neal Funeral Chapel. It was this mortuary -which two years earlier- supplied the casket/hearse to transport JFK's body from Parkland Memorial Hospital to Love Field/Air Force One for the flight back to Washington D.C. ; cast listings do not confirm if is actually Vernon O'Neal [who packed JFK's body for shipment] playing the white-coated funeral director. The Cadillac hearse that was used still exists and was recently offered at auction for $900,000. Earlier in the film you briefly see an O'Neal ambulance - possibly the same one [vehicle #605] that transported Lee Harvey Oswald's body to Parkland when he himself was shot by Jack Ruby. That vehicle is also in a private collection.
Earliest TV showings October 1967.
After Carl is killed by the eye creatures, the police eventually attribute his death to heart failure as the result of alcohol poisoning. This is a holdover from an earlier version of the film, Invasion of the Hell Creatures (1957), in which the aliens possessed needle-like claws which they used to inject their victims with fatal doses of alcohol. However, this is never explained in the remake and so the issue remains unresolved in the finished film.