Alligator II The Mutation 1991

A giant alligator runs amok in a small town lake.

The Cast

Joseph Bologna-David Hodges
Dee Wallace-Christine Hodges
Richard Lynch-Hawk Hawkins
Woody Brown-Rich Harmon
Holly Gagnier-Sheri Anderson
Bill Daily-Mayor Anderson
Steve Railsback-Vincent 'Vinnie' Brown
Brock Peters-Chief Speed

The Director: Jon Hess
The Writers: Curt Allen
Music by: Jack K. Tillar
Certificate : 15

Film Trivia

The scene of the alligator stalking past the sewer tunnel supports and the shot of the saliva under the microscope was stock footage from the original Alligator (1980).
Producer Brandon Chase was originally slated to direct the film before Jon Hess was hired as director.
Shecky Greene was originally slated to star.
Holly Gagneir was a soap opera star previously having appeared on Days of our Lives as Ivy Selejko Jannings and One Life To Live as Cassie Callison during the 80s.
Three cast members appeared in the Halloween films franchise: Carmen Filpi was previously in HALLOWEEN 4 (1988) and Dee Wallace and Richard Lynch were both in Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007).
The shot of the Alligator opening it's left eye after hearing the hunters in the sewer, and the overhead shot as it enters the water to attack Vincent Brown, is footage from the original Alligator (1980) movie.