Adventures of Captain Marvel 1941

To protect a magic talisman from being used for evil, a teenage boy named Billy Batson is given the power to become an adult superhero, Captain Marvel, with a single magic word: "Shazam!"

The Cast

Tom Tyler-Captain Marvel
Frank Coghlan Jr.-Billy Batson
William 'Billy' Benedict-Whitey Murphy
Louise Currie-Betty Wallace
Robert Strange-John Malcolm
Harry Worth-Prof. Luther Bentley
Bryant Washburn-Henry Carlyle [Ch. 1-3]
John Davidson-Tal Chotali

The Director: John English
The Writers: Ronald Davidson, Norman S. Hall, Arch Heath, Joseph F. Poland, Sol Shor, C.C. Beck, Bill Parker
Music by: Cy Feuer ,Ross DiMaggio ,Mort Glickman
Certificate : U

Film Trivia

This was the first depiction of a comic book super hero on film.
Superman was originally considered for this project, however, when National Periodical Publications (now known as DC Comics) turned Republic down, the producers made the offer to Fawcett Comics for their top character and was accepted.
The effect of Captain Marvel flying was achieved by filming an over-sized dummy that was slid along a fine wire.
Captain Marvel's costume, which is red in comic books, was actually blue/gray in order to photograph better in black and white.
Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel by speaking the name of the wizard Shazam: S = The Wisdom of Solomon; H = The Strength of Hercules; A = The Stamina of Atlas; Z = The Power of Zeus; A = The Courage of Achilles; M = The Speed of Mercury.
CHAPTER TITLES: 1. Curse of the Scorpion; 2. The Guillotine; 3. Time Bomb; 4. Death Takes the Wheel; 5. The Scorpion Strikes; 6. Lens of Death; 7. Human Targets; 8. Boomerang; 9. Dead Man's Trap; 10.Doom Ship; 11.Valley of Death; 12.Captain Marvel's Secret.
The Golden Scorpion weapon featured in this serial would be reintroduced in Captain Marvel's 1990 series, "The Power of Shazam!"
The cast member under the Scorpion's hood, momentarily visible and identifiable when he is accidentally unmasked in one episode, is not the same actor who is eventually unmasked as the actual Scorpion in the final episode.