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Road Builder Lets you create non-linear roads easily by using a network of nodes. With easy to use buttons to extrude, join, insert nodes and create mesh. Building new roads has never been so easy.

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You can download Road Builder from the Unity Asset store Here

Version: 1.4 (May 18 2017)

Curve Styles:
From user feedback, I've now added rounded inner corners to the Junctions and CrossRoads Road Builder now has 4 different UV mapping options for Junctions and cross roads

Curve A Curve B
Road Builder Image Road Builder Image
Curve C Extended
Road Builder Image Road Builder Image
Letting crossroads and junctions have better looking textures. Road Builder Image

Prefabs selection:
A new folder at Assets\eWolfRoadBuilder\Prefabs\Extended has been added with all the new prefabs for the extended UVs sets, This is to make sure nothing breaks for legacy users.

Each prefab has been names in 3 parts separated by the an underscore.

  • RoadNetwork - is the type of prefab - the main network systems
  • Main - The type of road, Clean, main, main with damage
  • CurveA - This is the type of curve it's using - CurveA, CurveB, CurveC or Extended

The default detail level on a Crossroad or Junction can be changed.
Just change the section value and press on Create Mesh to see the results.
Road Builder Image

Here show two different setting of 5 and of 20.
Road Builder Image Road Builder Image

Remember you can select more that on node to change some settings
Show below are two nodes selected and
Road Builder Image

Converting Existing Roads:

If you all ready have a roads system and need to update it to use the new curves, just decide on the curve you would like.
Then select the main RoadNetwork_Main_pf (the root object of the road system), and change the all the materials sets to use the curve materials (All names as CurveA, CurveB, CurveC and Extended), Then update the UV set drop down list to match for choice of curve.
Then just create the road mesh again.

Select RoadNetwork_*_pf Road Builder Image

Change all the materials to use the curve sets Road Builder Image

Change the UV set to use the new curve code Road Builder Image

Creating you own textures:

In the package you will find 4 template textures. at Assets\eWolfRoadBuilder\Textures\TemplateExtended
Each Texture is a template for how the road will look, One for each type CurveA, CurveB, CurveC or Extended.
Road Builder Image
The template is ideal for when you need to create a new look for your road.
But you can also take any of the over textures and just modify them as you need.
Road Builder Image

Unity Asset Store:
You can download Road Builder from the Unity Asset store Here

If you need more information, help or even request more features please email me at