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Pipe Builder lets you quickly add pipes into any scene. You can define how many sides you wish to have on the pipes and you can also refine exactly where the pipe are in the scene. All with in Unity3D no need to swap back to a 3D editor.

Pipe builder is ideal for placing pipes around other objects, with tools like Insert/ Delete and Extract, it makes it easy to add, remove modify later.

You can download Building Builder from the Unity Asset store Here

Overview :
Pipe Builder Image Options allow you to set the size of the corners and
With or without Flanges
Pipe Builder Image Adjustable number of the side for the pipes,
Flanges have customizable intervals, length, and size.

Allowing for a large range of custom looks for your pipes
Creating your first Pipe :
To start creating pipes add the main prefab 'PipeBase_pf' into the map.
Then with this prefab selected click on the Add Pipe button.
This will create a simple straight pipe.

Now you can start to position your pipe if you need more nodes just click on the Entend Pipe button and this will create another node in the direction of the pipe.
You can see a basic pipe creation below.

Details Pipes :
Pipe Builder Image Main Details
Sides: Number of sides of the pipe.
Radius: The size of the pipe.

Flange Details
Flange: Whether to add flanges
Length: The length of the flanges
Interval: How often to add flanges
Size: The size of the flanges. Can me negative if needed.

Corners Details
we will cover the corners below.
You can see some of the different pipe details below.

Corner Pipes :
We have 3 options that define the pipe corners: Size, Steps and Larger
Pipe Builder Image

Size defines the overall size of the corner
Pipe Builder Image
Steps define how may polygon you want. A high number will make it smoother
Pipe Builder Image
Larger whether you want the corner to be large or not
Pipe Builder Image

Auto Build and Inside Pipes :
Having Auto Build set will create the pipes each time you move a node.
Inside Pipe will create the pipe inside out so you can place the player inside the pipe.

Materials :
You will get a default set of high-resolution materials included in the package, you will need to drop the resolution if you don't need it.
Pipe Builder Image
And you can easily add your own materials if you need.

One other material in the package is bricks - this is best used as the inside of the pipes.
Pipe Builder Image

Version :
Version 1.1 Added Collision Options.

Support :
Example scripts:
  • Create Pipes From Script

  • If you need any more help please email me at Wolf@electricwolf.co.uk