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Fence, Wall and Hedge Builder Lets you quickly place walls in you game, using a user friendly UI from within the scene editor or the inspector, Select from a list of defined wall types and then select the style for that type.

Just place the wall prefab into your scene and then click Add wall button, Then use the dropdown list to select the type of wall (BrickWall, Hedge, Panel wall, etc) and then pick the style of the wall (Large, Medium, small and unkept or aged).

You can also add extra features to the wall, like gaps, gates, arches.

You can download Wall Builder from the Unity Asset store Here

Quick Walls:
Just place the wall prefab into your scene. Then using the two circular handles you can set the start and end point of the wall. With the AutoBuild Options ticked you will see the wall update in realtime. And you can add extra features to the wall like gap or arches.

Wall Types:
Wall Builder Image The look of each wall type is defined by the Wall Base Type.
Just select the type of wall you wish to use.
When you have picked your wall type. You can now select the style of that wall. Each wall type will have a different style selection. Wall Builder Image
Wall Builder Image Other textures variation are also available, Just use the material dropdown options or press the Randomize texture button.

Randomization Seeding:
Some wall types use the random seed to make the wall look aged or unkept.
Just keep pressing the Randomize Seed button to get the look you need.

Adding you own Materials/Textures:
Wall Builder Image When you need to add or replace the materials for the walls.
Just select the Wall_Builder_pf object to see the current material lists.
Each wall type will use a different list of materials. Just add you own material to the list for the type of wall you wish to update.

Any new materials will appear in the material dropdown list for that wall type.

Just remember to re-apply your changes to update the prefab.

Changing scale:
When you need to change the scale of the walls to match your environment, just change the Building Units on the Wall_Builder_pf object Wall Builder Image

Baking light:
If you are using baked light in your project you will also need enable by ticking the Baked Lighting option on the WallBuilder_pf object.

The other options here are the standard import option for applying baked lighting on import meshes. Default are the same as the import meshes.
Wall Builder Image

V1.1 Drop to ground:
Version 1.1 Adds the option from the main Wall_Builder_pf object. This will drop all the wall corners down to any object with collision and has the "Ground" layer set.

V2.0 New gap feature types and new wall Type:(March 2018)
You can now add as many feature gaps to any wall.

Added 4 new gap types to Wall and hedges.
  • Hole Round
  • Hole Square
  • Hole Rectangle
  • Hole Arch
With all the new feature types we now have extra options. FenceBuilder -FeatureInspector
  • Style : The type of gap (Arch, Hole Round, Hole Square, etc..)
  • Width : The width of the gap, With any of the Hole style selected the width is the percentage of the height of the wall
  • Height : Only used for Hole Rectangle, it's the height of the rectangle
  • Details : Only used for Hole Round and Hole Arch, it's the number of polygons to use. Higher numbers will create smoother circles
  • Off Set Y : The off set of the feature vertical (Percentage of the height)
Example of the new features styles Images/Fence Builder Gap Features Styles Example of the Hole Round with different Off Set Y and Widths Images/Fence Builder Off Set Y Holes

New wall Type added

Temporary Fences have been added, each temporary fence has extra feet under the fence to look like it's only a temporary structure

4 version of the temporary fence are available

  • TemporaryWireFence
  • TemporaryWireFenceB
  • TemporaryBluePannelFence
  • TemporaryWhitePannelFence
Images/TemporaryFences.png Temporary Fences in game Images/TemporaryFences.png

V2.1 Fix UV projection and Extra thin wall types: (March 2018)
  • Added new Wall feature gap - HoleSquareArch
  • Added extra thin brick walls styles (LargeThin, MediumThin, SmallThin)
  • Updated UV textures for wall and Hedges, now using a projection method
  • Removed the 1 width limit for all new Hole Style feature gaps
  • Fixed the StoneFeet for TemporaryFences so they respect the Unit sizes
New Thin walls The thin wall are just one brick wide Images/TemporaryFences.png

Improved UV mapping for walls and Hedges

V3.0 Update Corner joins on the walls: (10th April 2018)
Connected corners are shaped to make each section of the wall join. Images/TemporaryFences.png
Work even when walls have different thinness Images/TemporaryFences.png

V3.1 Different Materials pre side (16th April 2018)
Added some new textures to the wall options.
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Added an option to allow you to set different material/textures for each face of the wall. Just tick the "Materials Per Side" options and select the material from the drop-down lists.
The original material is still used as the outside of the wall. Images/FenceBuilder MaterialPreFace.png

V3.2 Update the UV at the ends of the walls so they don't stretch (17th April 2018)

V3.3 Added Castle walls and Mounds (September 2018)
Two different castle wall ramparts.
And some ground effects like mounds

Example Walls:
Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image Wall Builder Image

Support :
If you need more information, help or even request more features please email me at