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A newer version is now available, with better turning effects

More info here
Book Effect

Book with turning pages for Unity3D.

Lets you add a book with turning pages in to any unity game.

Available at the Unity Asset Store

Just add the prefab book object and then add all of your textures in the Inspector. Add as many as you need. Inspector

Steps to use.
  1. Download and import package to your project - from here.
  2. Add the book_pf object in to your scene from the BookEffect\prefabs folders
  3. Add the Cover and book side textures in the Inspector
  4. Add textures in the order you need them to appear in the book. Note : you must have an even number of pages or you will see an error message when you run your scene.
  5. Take a look at the code in 'UI_Control.cs' this gets the book object then the book script. This lets you test the book to see if it's open, turning and if we can turn the page again.
  6. Just call the methods on the book to do the action you need.
    • bookControl.Open_Book();
    • bookControl.Close_Book();
    • bookControl.Turn_Page();
    • bookControl.Turn_BackPage();
  7. Done

Note : You can add move then one book object in to the same scene and give it different texture pages.

Error codes list

Ok, Still need help - or if you have a problem. email

And I'll reply as soon as I can.